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10 photos of doggos to remind you of the “Isle of Dogs” premiere


Are you a dog parent who’s excited for Wes Anderson’s upcoming film ‘Isle of Dogs’? We have the article just for you.

There are three stages of becoming a dog parent. The first stage is called the dog lover stage. You may not own a dog but appreciate all kinds of dogs and see them as wonderful and majestic creatures. Fantasies of you owning your friend’s dog pop into your head, but as of now you can only love them from afar because they’re not yours. If you’re at a house party, you’re definitely that dude making friends with your friend’s dog.

The second stage is the dog owner stage. At long last, you finally got that dog you’ve been dreaming for so long. You realize the hardships of being an owner with ruined household items, pee stains, and poop. It’s like raising a kid that never grows up, but you eventually discover more about him and he eventually understands you.  You get used to each other and develop that owner-pet bond kind like courting but let’s not go that far.

The third stage is the dog parent stage. Finally, you and your pupper finally get used to each other. He’s now part of your daily routine and he’s officially recognized you as his master. At this point he’s already taken up most of your space in your phone’s gallery, you’re part of online dog owner groups, and you guys are together 24/7. The two of you are officially on another level because you prefer him over your friends and you’ve already recognized him as your son. You still believe that all dogs in the world are beautiful but your dog is the best dog EVER.

As loving dog parents, our floofs, puppers, and doggos, our good boys and girls are big parts of our lives and never fail to make us happy. Here are some photos that capture some of the joys and struggles of a dog parent.


1. When you arrive at the vet after telling him you were going for a walk

2. Need we say more?

3. When pupper isn’t allowed inside the grocery, so he has to wait first.

4. When you want to play with him but he’s already fast asleep and majestic.

5. When he’s a bad boy and time out gets a little too difficult because of those eyes

6. That look on his face when you give him new snacks or a new toy.

7. When he’s watching you do hooman stuff until you give him some attention

8. The bittersweet feeling when doggo gets too big for his old pupper stuff…

9. You have a welcoming committee once you arrive home from work or school.


0. Lastly, that one exciting day of the year when we celebrate their special day!

Like this article? Hope it got you barking from excitement for Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ premiering on May 30th in the Philippines.

Words by Gab Garcia




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