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What does chilling even mean these days?


Working in the creative industry often means hopping from meeting to meeting, juggling multiple projects at a time, and churning out ideas even on a weekend. While the work is no doubt fulfilling, everyone needs a time out once in a while—especially this summer, with everyone planning their much-awaited beach getaways or trips abroad just to stay cool.

But of course, there are a lot of other ways to step back and take a breather. So how do you chill? Sometimes, it could be as simple as having an ice-cold drink to beat the heat. We asked these young creatives from different fields about what they like to do to relax and their favorite drink of choice on a hot day.

Fed Pua, entrepreneur

A graduating student at Ateneo de Manila, Fed is used to balancing school and managing his two businesses, Factory for Hire and It’s Vintage. As someone who gained experience as a styling intern before venturing into retail, he’s no stranger to the fast-paced working world. You may have seen his clothes featured in films such as “Baka Bukas” and in the closets of many celebrities. With unique designs and quality made for global, it’s not hard to see why.

He likes to chill by playing oldies music, putting on baggy sweatpants, and having his best friends over for unforgettable days of dancing and laughing. His drink of choice? A Berry Mango McFreeze Supreme.

Mike Miguel, lifestyle blogger

One look at Mike’s extremely neat Instagram feed and it looks like he has his life in complete order. But this lifestyle blogger’s schedule is packed and all over the place. Often going from event to event while constantly producing content to keep his multiple online channels going, it takes someone with impressive skill to stay on top of everything.

He likes to chill by having good food, good music, and good company. For Mike, there is nothing like being around his crew as they much on their favorite take-out (accompanied by a large serving of Mixed Berries McFloat!) and blast their summer house playlist on loop.

Florian Trinidad, stylist

Florian is not one who’s easy to miss, with her distinct street style and equally cool attitude. She’s been in the fashion and retail industry for years, and is, of course, one of SCOUT’s favorite stylists to collaborate with. But her work isn’t all glitz and glamour—being a stylist sometimes means powering through 36-hour photoshoots and countless pull-outs.

She likes to chill by binge-watching shows on Netflix. Her favorites? Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Designated Survivor, Black Mirror, and iZombie—all while sipping on a Frozen Dalandan McFreeze.

Oh Flamingo!, indie rock band

Oh Flamingo! skyrocketed to nationwide cult status when they won over everyone’s hearts as the winners of Wanderland Music Festival’s Wanderband 2015. Fast forward to three years later, and they’re still one of the most well loved indie bands of today. Catch them doing multiple gigs almost every weekend, in places all over the Metro. In between that, Howard, Billie, Pat, and Pappu are also in the process of making new music.

They like to chill by literally doing just that: chilling in a fully-airconditioned room and listening to music. But without the AC working on overdrive, their next best bet is a Berry Mango McFreeze Supreme or a Frozen Dalandan McFreeze.

If you haven’t yet, head over to your nearest McDonald’s and try their newest McFreeze flavors: Berry Mango McFreeze Supreme, Frozen Dalandan, and Mixed Berries McFloat. See why they’re becoming the go-to choice, right on time for the summer. Because even if the weather is hot, you don’t have to be. #PalamigKaMuna

by Isabella Argosino
photography by Julo Cope
styled by Bryan Sochayseng (assisted by Floresse Trinidad)

Hair and Makeup by Sylvina Lopez



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