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Brandon Cueto’s ‘Countless Times’ is a drop of hope after a nightmare


Brandon Cueto, 26 year-old music producer from Fairview, has been on electronic music for a couple of years now. For his 3rd EP release, he dropped 3-track project Countless Times, a tremendous somber yet high contrast heavy electronica effort.

Characterized with ambient and dreamy synths, his songs take you to a fantasy away from your worries and then back. The beat maker explains,

“The general theme is problems in terms of mental health and how it affects relationships around us.”

This shows evident in the cold vocals nestled in restless percussions and gritty electronic textures. Quite intriguing in its sound, the EP sheathes you from darker thoughts into deeper ones, as it draws the fine line between isolation and tranquility.

It begins with “Right Now I’m Alone,” a gloom track which brings us back to episodes almost palpable: solitude in nights that seem endless, and the sun taking too long to rise. With Joseph Bisenio on the saxophone, this is quickly followed by “Sever,” a relatively livelier track with a faster beat, and spirited build-up of layers. To end is EP title track, “Countless Times” which reminds us of that drop of hope after a nightmare. Although this doesn’t mean salvation, it lets you breathe, once again.

Experience the whole cycle recollected in a sick beat below.




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