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What a cashless society looks like, in four illustrations

What a cashless society looks like, in four illustrations

Money has many names. Dough. Benjamins. Deniro. Moolah. Paper. Cabbage. When we use these words in everyday conversations, only two images appear in our minds: coins or paper bills, tucked in our pockets or wallets.

But what if the sign for money was a phone? In a cashless world, having our phones replace our wallets isn’t that far-fetched.

And imagine all the time we’ll save. Our phones are always with us anyway, and with a few taps and a quick swipe here and there, money transactions that usually take a while may be done in just a few minutes.

We asked four different artists to give their take on a cashless world, specifically in a society that uses GCash instead of physical wallets. Take a look:

Keeshia Felipe

Keeshia’s illustration wants to ask “Why line up and withdraw money when you can shop and pay for it all in your phone?” in the cutest way only the world of her young doll-faced muses can. The illustration shows how convenient going cashless is by displaying how we usually operate as opposed to how we can be if we paid for our purchases using our phone. While one girl carries all of her bags from a day of shopping, two girls accomplish the same task in the comforts of their seat. Meanwhile, the same exchange can be made on the spot by a girl who just ordered her meal.

Raxenne Maniquiz

Could you go on about your day without bringing any coins or paper bills? Raxenne’s illustration proves that you can if you’re prepared. From buying clothes to going on a brunch date and caring for your pet, having your phone as your wallet looks like a pretty sweet idea not just for the customer, but also for the business owner. For each purchase, you don’t have to worry about counting the financials at the end of the day; the money will be automatically recorded for both the business owner’s and customer’s convenience.

Karl Adrian So

Karl Adrian’s work is not just an imagining of a digital-friendly community but also how going cashless can be used seamlessly in one night.  Featured in the illustration are the Send Money, Scan to Pay, and In App Booking (for movies) services of GCash. “Since this is an outdoor shopping scene, goods and services are both being availed and I tried depicting how fast, easy, and convenient (and maybe fun) it is to pay using your phone or your card.” The illustration also shows that using GCash is an option that everyone can use, not just the wealthy.

Jer Dee

Weekend markets are almost everywhere in the metro today, and if you’ve been to one, you can imagine the mental gymnastics we have to go through each time we make a purchase—from counting coins to figuring out if we withdrawn enough money for the day. Jer Dee’s illustration shows how one small difference—transitioning to cashless transactions through QR codes–make events like weekend markets all about enjoyment. “I thought of making my piece in a weekend market-type of setting because I think small to mid-size businesses benefit from GCash the most because it’s convenient and hassle free for both parties,” shares Jer.

Think the future looks pretty neat? You can actually try out it now, because GCash is live. And GCash isn’t just for buying and selling stuff, it’s also for shopping online and booking movies. Going cashless doesn’t even have to mean going online; there are now over 3,000 places where they can use their GCash QR in the Philippines, and growing. Find out more about GCash here.



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