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Everything we know about Fifa World Cup 2018: Russia

Everything we know about Fifa World Cup 2018: Russia

Now that NBA season is done, football fans around the world are gearing up for the Fifa World Cup. From June 14 to July 15, pure football madness will consume the whole world with each country rooting for their national team. Stay on your feet and watch as the action unfolds.

Two reasons why the World Cup is a must-watch:

We normally see Footballers play for their respective clubs but every 4 years, these players converge to represent their country. This not only brings the players together under the common goal of getting their country to the finals but it also bring fans together. Plus, it’s another chance for the ladies to see so many gorgeous men in one venue.

Us here at SCOUT love a good party and the World Cup is the perfect excuse to host one. Instead of going to sports bars, you and your crew could all stay up together and watch the matches of your favored teams. Beer and chips go perfectly just make sure no one gets annoyed with the results of the match and causes trouble. There will always be a loser and a winner; that’s life, right?

The opening ceremony is just 30 minutes before the first match of the tournament between the host country, Russia versus Saudi Arabia at 11PM. Like previous years, numerous artists will be performing and probably another “Waka-Waka”-esque song will be released that will act as the anthem. One thing the World Cup is notorious for in this country is taking away sleep from avid fans. The schedule of matches will sure mess up with your body clock so from everyone here at SCOUT, we bid you good luck and happy cheering!

A schedule of the matches in Philippine time can be seen online:



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