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This photographer takes urban photography that’s beyond “aesthetic”

This photographer takes urban photography that’s beyond “aesthetic”

“Aesthetic” is a word thrown a lot, even by us, and although the word’s definition changes depending on who you asks, you can tell when the word describes a very specific thing at a time. One thing would be visually pleasing urban spaces, usually edited in a distinct color grade that suits dark cityscapes. Ubiquitous as it may be, there’s a reason why people are drawn to it. The style is reminiscent of cyberpunk and neo-noir themes, and it illuminates a spaces features no other style has done before.

Tristan Tamayo’s body of photographs may share the same leanings as this group of photos, but his #NEOCITIES project compels readers to go beyond the aesthetic of the photo by offering an equally compelling story. His continuous use of this style also shows that his eye doesn’t dwell on the trend. His images render the city into structures both unfamiliar and familiar, and it makes us question how much we know of the spaces we live in. Though his photos of cityscapes are cinematic to say the least, his photos that include people adds another layer of the city that is all the more interesting: the sense of the everyday, of strangers in familiar and unfamiliar places. There is a sense of community.

We asked Tristan more about his photography:

What exactly do you call your style of photography? Is it street?
For me it’s Urban Photography because my photos represent urban places/spaces and the lives of those living, working and moving through it. Street is just one segment of urban photography.

What draws you to shoot urban spaces?
Definitely my love for architecture and modern contemporary art. I have an obsession to skylines, cityscapes and street lights, there is a calming vibe for me shooting these kind of subjects. I think those were the reasons i was drawn to shoot Urban photography.

Do you think street photography is becoming stagnant because everyone edits the same? What are your thoughts on the current aesthetic of photographers right now?
I don’t think it’s becoming stagnant but rather i see it’s growing. It’s growing and reaching younger generation to try the genre. As for the editing , I believe we all have different take on how to deliver our photos so i don’t think that we edit the photos the same way.

I think the aesthetic of photographers right now are diverse, and that’s how it should be. It’s diverse because every photographer is different from one another, i don’t think we have a so-called “current aesthetic” since we all have our own creative journey. Growing from one style to another, endlessly finding what style or what art could best represent ourselves.

Take a look at more of his work on his Instagram page. 



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