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Our #ScoutFaves: Topshop, Plastic Honeymoon, The Shins, etc

Our #ScoutFaves: Topshop, Plastic Honeymoon, The Shins, etc

Skipped a week, but we’re back with more of the items we can’t live without or just plain love. This is our #ScoutFaves for the week.

Lex, Editor in Chief, @lexcereal

Penshoppe x Hot Wheels Oversized hoodie – Went into detail about it in the link. Thanks, Penshoppe.

Topman’s latest – They have a new store over at SM Mall of Asia that’s opening tomorrow, June 20. Come thru!

Bryan, Graphic Artist, @bryansochayseng

Plastic Honeymoon Tote bag – I dig this tote bag a lot. It acts like a messenger bag; I like how big it is it literally helps me with groceries. Hands down to both of the people behind Plastic Honeymoon Tote for making each of these from scratch. Definitely gonna use this till it turns a different color.

Simoy ng Haraya – Buwan Cologne/Perfum – I’ve been looking for the right scent for me. I either always get free cologne from my uncle and it always smells musky and I’m not really feeling that dank smell. Buwan is the perfect scent I’m looking for. Get it at Common Room branches.

Nina, Editorial Assistant, @killingmoonz

The Shins Wincing The Night Away Vinyl – I’ve always loved The Shins. This album, however, hit a loose heartstring that I had to buy its vinyl version and I don’t own a record player. I use my roommate’s amazing vintage player, and just when I thought Wincing The Night Away can’t get any better, it’s otherworldly. A piece of advice: Get records of your absolute favorites. You won’t regret it.

Finger Ring – What’s a better way to style your finger than to wrap it with another finger? This is pretty self-explanatory. A little bit eerie, predominantly icky, but quite artistic–the ring perfectly describes me. This piece is personally made by my friend Chico. (Thank you.)

Rogin, Editorial Assistant, @rogintakespictures

Talking Heads Popular Favorites CD– This is my fave of the week since I am an ’80s new wave, piece of garbage. My boyfriend got me this when I started getting into them. Also, I’ve always been an avid collector of CDs. I have 100+ and counting. The tracks “(Nothing) But Flowers” and “Girlfriend Is Better” will be the end of me and I am glad.



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