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Tyler, the Creator: “How am I still single?”

Tyler, the Creator: “How am I still single?”

Oyster Magazine is featuring our favorite boy Tyler, the Creator for Oyster 114, and we can’t help but notice his comment on Oyster’s latest Instagram post: “yo how am i still single like nigga i am a fucking beautiful black man wow.”

? @feliciathegoat in conversation with @edgar_the_breathtaker for Oyster 114 ‼Directed by Tyler and shot with @renellaice ? – Tyler: I have this instrumental called ‘Sometimes’ and it’s really just piano for 36 seconds. But the chords that I use in it are really just the ones that play in my head all day — just daydreaming. And I sing a small melody over it and the music that I really like and base off the shit that I love is just really pretty chords and then a simple melody over it. I have a six-minute version of that 36 seconds that I like to listen to a lot. Archy: Oh man, you’ve gotta send that to me. Tyler: Yeah definitely. The version I have, that I didn’t put on the album, has like a verse to it and it’s really pretty. That shit just melts my fucking soul. – Moderator: @zacbayly | Words: @hm0rgz

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Aside from the comment Tyler also pointed out the snippets of the interview he had with Oyster, which can be seen as the captions on the three images of him currently uploaded. “yall gon save anything for the issue or keep spoiling shit,” he asks.

There are very interesting tidbits from what Oyster has already shared, including: “I’ve been spending the last seven years saying, ‘No, I can actually make music.'” Good stuff.

Now when will Tyler come over and just date me already?



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