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5 Asian streetwear brands on our radar

5 Asian streetwear brands on our radar

Streetwear style has taken over our runways and closets for the past few years. What makes it more than just a passing trend is the fact that it’s unafraid to step up. This is more evident with streetwear brands here in the East. Mixing tradition and subculture in one melting pot of style have what elevated Asia’s take on streetwear to the next level.

From Japan and all the way to Thailand, here are some Asian streetwear brands that are sending our radar to haywire.

Awesome Boy from Japan

via Awesome Boy’s SS18 Lookbook

Whether you love classic rock or doing the wave for your sports team, this brand deconstructs their merch into an avant-garde take on streetwear. Awesome Boy is a vintage store that throws the word ordinary in the trash. The brand makes fashion hybrids by remaking vintage sportswear.

Their Spring/Summer 2018 lookbook showcased repurposed jerseys into buckled vests and jeans with track pants accents. No one will mess with you when you hit the court wearing these. They might snap some pics for the ‘gram though.

We GangYoung from Korea

via We GangYoung Instagram

Streetwear has often been criticized as catering to men’s culture alone. This Korean streetwear brand is a big middle finger to that concept. We GangYoung only has one type of muse in mind and it’s girls, girls, girls.

“We noticed that lots of ‘street’ fashion brands design their clothes based on men’s culture and focus on men’s lifestyle, so we make clothes focused on girls and girls’ needs,” they stated in their about page. They are the big answer to the question: “what if Posh and Scary Spice shared a wardrobe?” It’s ‘90s fashion mixed with unapologetic badassery, We GangYoung dresses girls that are down to define their own culture.

Ground Zero from Hong Kong

via Ground Zero’s Lookbook 

Destabilising gender roles from left to right is this streetwear brand from Hong Kong. The two fashion designers and brothers for Ground Zero wants to disassociate gender with fashion. Putting their own spin on everyday wearables, the brand highlights the utmost importance of identity and the role fashion plays in it.

They bring classic fashion staples new life. With the brand being inspired by everyday items, their pieces translates how something ordinary can be their own kind of unique.

Deblanc from Singapore

via Deblanc’s Instagram

“The aesthetic of DEBLANC is defined by its own motto: THE BOLD ATTITUDE, THE RIGHT STYLE,” they stated in their about page. The brand is all about pushing the envelopes of where clean and classic pieces could go. Having monochrome for their color palette mixed with iconic graphics are the brand’s edge. Perfect for skateboarders and streetwear enthusiasts that want a mix of class in their streetwear pieces.

UNSCHLD from the Philippines

Straight out of our motherland, this local streetwear brand truly has earned the title of OG in the game. UNSCHLD (pronounced as Unschooled) challenges the status quo one graphic tee at a time. This streetwear brand is straight up unapologetic about what they stand for and their actions. They believe that society doesn’t function with its fair share of rogues and rebels. If you belong to those who rock the boat and work where it hurts, make space in your wardrobe for this brand.

What are some Asian streetwear brands that you’re obsessed with? @ us @scoutmagph


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