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DIY these cute and handy planters for your succulents

DIY these cute and handy planters for your succulents

Gone are the simpler days of macaroni noodle artworks and colorful sponge stamps—the DIY trend has gone through a whole new level. A quick search of DIYs online will have you scrolling for days, filling up your pin board with must-try crafts on Pinterest and carefully studying each step as you watch how-to videos on YouTube. These homemade crafts go from simpler techniques like re-using mason jars to something a bit more complex like painting faux marble print on counter tops.

The DIY culture has transformed into something more than just a hobby. It has sparked millennials to think beyond the norm, create something new, and bring their vision to life. Millennials are not one to shy away from speaking their mind out and sharing notable experiences online, whether it’s a new craft idea or a must-have item for your craft toolbox.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Try out this DIY Polyhedral Planters using Pioneer’s Epoxy Clay Aqua for a trendy storage to place your succulents and air plants in a retro and geometric planter piece.

Materials needed:

Pioneer EpoxyClay Aqua
Sand Paper

Step 1: Look for set polyhedral patterns online; print, cut, and glue according to your preferred shape.

Step 2: Knead the Pioneer Aqua Epoxy to follow the shape of the polyhedral paper mold. Use the dowel to create a hole into the planter top.

Step 3: Leave and set for 30 minutes. After this time, peel or scrub off the polyhedral mold cutout. Use water and sand down if necessary.

Step 4: Hang your air plants with a thread or jute twine.

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Art attack

Pioneer Adhesive products are definitely a craftsman’s best friend. With just a few small drops of the product and seconds to dry, your homemade craft will stand strong, stable, and look good as new.

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