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“Cells at Work’s” cuteness overload will cure your hatred of Biology class

“Cells at Work’s” cuteness overload will cure your hatred of Biology class

Last July 7, the internet was blessed with these cute animations of the human cells at work. With two episodes and five volumes of manga, Cells at Work! (Hataraku Saibou) continues on captivating its audience while also teaching them the basics about biology.

The anime is an outstanding combination of information, humor, and kawaii-ness. These biology lessons we used to dread during school days became an easier pill to swallow through this anime. This Twitter user even showed us how their Biology teacher cited the anime as a reference for class.

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Written and illustrated by Akane Shimizune, the story revolves around the day-to-day adventure of the Red Blood Cell, AE3803 together with the other anthropomorphize cells within the body who work tirelessly 24/7. On the first episode, the scene opened with the terrorizing invasion of the Pneumococcus within the artery where our protagonist is currently making her delivery of nutrients. But when she was about to get killed, the brute and brash (but ridiculously adorable) U-1146 the White Blood Cell saved the day. However, one of the viruses slipped away.

As White Blood Cell head on to find that sneaky virus, their comedic and action-packed journey left the audience craving for more.

And you know what’s more? You would even think of twice of scratching that scab again because these adorable platelets who are personified as cute little children are working extra hard for you.

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To get a sneak peek, you can watch the trailer here.

Still from “Cells at Work”

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