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An animated adaptation of Rob Cham’s “Light” series is in the works

Love Rob Cham’s Light series? Then prepare yourselves for what Rocketsheep has in store for us.

The animators that brought us Saving Sally are bringing Rob Cham’s Light series to the silver screen. According to director Avid Liongoren’s Facebook post, Animation Du Monde picked up their Light Lost film project. Rocketsheep Studios, with the mentorship of French animators, will get the chance to share the animated film on a massive platform. 

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“The project will be mentored by French professionals & we have a 1 in 6 chance of being able to share this project on a massive pitching platform,” Avid said in his Facebook post. Chances for this film to get the proper funding still lies on a 50/50 scale. But whether the film got in Animation Du Monde or not, it looks like they plan to push through with the adaptation either way.

“Making a film is always a long journey and every nudge in the right direction is encouraging. With or without a pitching platform or a money producer, this is something that will see completion one way or another.” 

They are set to compete in Animation Du Monde this Feb. 18 to 22. Light Lost is one of two Filipino animation pitches that got in the competition. The other entry is Cris Dumlao’s Flight of the Umbrellas. These two Filipino animators are set to compete with other animators from Southeast Asia.

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Whether or not Light Lost sees it through the competition, we can’t help but get giddy for the possibility of seeing Rob Cham’s Light series come to life. We’re also curious on how Rocketsheep will do it, since we all know that the Light series relies heavily on visual storytelling, having no dialogue exchanges whatsoever. 

We are sure of one thing though—this project will be worth the wait once it is out. 

Photo from Rob Cham’s Light series


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