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IV of Spades drop hints of a 2019 release


On their Facebook page, IV of Spades left us with some uneasy trace on exactly the first day of the year. It’s a seemingly bizarre 16-second video featuring nothing but the Spades logo being transformed into multiple shades, colors, and light streaks—oranges, whites, a long period of blues, and a solid red closing.

Add in some intensifying grain à la some random cable channel losing its signal. There are also clamorous sounds; you can tell it’s theirs, but you’re sure you haven’t really heard of it. Machine-like noise, but not really robotic. Call it cryptic. Think eerie, but exciting. Well duh, ’cause it’s IV of Spades.

What could this mean? We know there are a lot of things going on in your head, too. Do the blues signify a new band color they’ll paint themselves of? Or maybe a new wardrobe? Is the red in the end a form of aggression—something about breaking free from their usual sound? Are the clamorous sounds snippets of a new song? A new music video? Or maybe, just like what most comments said—is this the year we finally stream their full-length album?

Well, just like what we always do, we have to wait ’til we get the answers. Before we know it, the same cycle will play: IV of Spades will just show up at the hour our minds are somewhere else.



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