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You can now filter Bumble dates through star signs and political views


There’s so much to be said about a person just through astrology. Remember the 1994 movie Richie Rich, when Cadbury concluded the inquisitive Diane is a Capricorn based on a single conversation? If you’ve seen Peque Gallaga’s Scorpio Nights, Danny’s sexual behavior is easily attributed to his sign: Scorpio. Or have you heard of Chona Cruz’s song “Bakit?” The song opens with, “‘Di ba compatible tayo, Aries at Leo? I read it in the book you gave nung Linggo.”

Still from Richie Rich

I, a Leo (I forgot my moon rising), am amazed and puzzled at how people can define each other sometimes too accurately through their signs. As we all know, it also comes handy when it comes to dating.

If you’re using a dating app, it can get difficult to deduce the other through photos and their description. You swipe right. But when you start the conversation or go on the first date, you’d realize it’s not a good match.

Well, Bumble, the dating app that lets women to make the first move, just made it easier to filter your feed.

With a recent update, Bumble now allows users to reveal more details about themselves that might just be very important when considering a partner. The set of qualifiers, first introduced in an update in December, include drinking habits, fitness activities, political views, and of course, star sign.

I have deleted my Bumble profile after an hour of swiping left last year. When I learned about this new function, I decided to download the app and make a new profile. You can easily find the update in settings under “Set advanced date filters.”

To unveil all the filters, you’re required to answer the questionnaire and reveal them to others as well. If you prefer not to, you can activate two filters only.


Based on the tweets below, I decided to only allow Leos on my feed; of course, you may also tick as many star signs as you want and totally avoid those deemed incompatible. However, even with these filters on, I ended up swiping left most of the night and eventually decided to delete my profile again.

This is a well-meaning update, especially for the meticulous ones. Then again, always remember this only scratches the surface. Like what Zenaida Seva always says, star signs (and even the other filters) don’t dictate your fate. Let your gut feel guide you and maybe give that person a chance.

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