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Neopets is coming out with a full mobile version this year

Neopets is coming out with a full mobile version this year

You won’t have any excuse not to feed your dying Kougra this time around, because Neopets is slated to release a full mobile version this year. Strap yourself up, it’s time to ride the Neopets nostalgia hype train.

If you still prefer playing on the website like a true blue veteran, then no worries because the site will still be up and running, but of course with a little sprucing up. “We do not want the website to disappear, and the mobile app launch will also include optimizing our web pages so the site would be alive and continue to thrive,” says its CEO, who had a conversation with Newsweek over email.

The Neopets team is working to revamp the beloved online website game into a mobile experience, and is set to launch it by summer of 2019. “Our dedicated Neopets team is happy to share that the Neopets universe is gaining new life in 2019 with mobile technology and keeping Neopia alive and well for all fans,”says the team behind the game, helmed by CEO David Lord.

The launch will be marked by fun Neopia surprises at San Diego Comic Con 2019.  The event will feature “unprecedented celebrations, events and prizes to honor this milestone for the entire Neopets community,” says the JumpStart press release. For us here in Manila, this means that we won’t be able to join in on the fun. But as long as the new app is coming out on mobile devices worldwide, we’re all good.


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