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Nobody wants you to “Remain Unseen” in latest collection

Nobody wants you to “Remain Unseen” in latest collection

Nobody’s homebase, Somewhere 1109 in Cubao Expo, has updated their look. With that, they also release a new collection, featuring a variety of graphic tees, most of which are adorned with the brand’s manifesto. The phrase “Remain Unseen” is also recurring in the collection, complementing the visuals of the Nokia 3310 and the static of an old-school television screen.

What’s curious in the look book is the inclusion of the latest issue of GQ featuring Frank Ocean. It’s a very curious detail, and something that ties organically with the collection itself: “Remain Unseen” is stylized the same way as the titles inside and on the cover of that particular issue of GQ. And Frank Ocean, who’s known to rarely present himself to the press, connects with the themes Nobody and the collection in particular, discusses. Come to think of it, there may be more Frank Ocean influences that we might have missed in previous collections.

Check the look book below:

Here’s the full text of Nobody’s manifesto:

There is a quiet place where passion exists just as intensely as it does in the midst of all the noise, and that’s usually where we go. It’s a place easily missed by the spotlight, but it’s there – in the corner, in the middle of the crowd, in your face but not always. Stop by if you find us, but put the light away if you can. We’ll see things clearly without the glare.
We’ll hear you better without the applause.
It’s not a hideaway. There is nothing to hide from. We’re no different, and we’re no rebels. But this place — it allows us the freedom to impress no one, to stand on a platform and remain unseen.
Life unfolds around us, but our existence happens elsewhere. We wear our passion quietly amidst the constant buzz.
But we don’t own this place. We don’t seek refuge here. Who knows where we really belong? Nobody.


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