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WATCH: “There’s no such thing as toxic love,” MayWard defines modern love

What is love in the 21st century? Is it through liking your S.O.’s IG posts, sliding into your crush’s DMs, or maybe meeting the one by swiping right? A lot is possible nowadays. As our generation’s ideals progressed with technology, our perception of love has changed. It makes love all the more exciting and confusing at the same time.

So as we navigate the modern world, can we define what love means today? Let’s ask a modern love team like MayWard about it.

With Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber around, laughter and jokes always fill up a room. With Maymay’s jovial attitude and Edward’s positivity, a fun time surely ensues. That leaves us wondering, what is their serious side like?

It turns out that deep questions on modern love bring that side out of them.

For our RomCom issue, we asked MayMay Entrada and Edward Barber on what 21st-century love is. We nit-picked their thoughts about commitment, expressions of love, and more. Above the laughter, the hardships, and in between, their mature take on love might be their most admirable quality. Safe to say, we were left drowning in a pool of kilig after listening to these two.

Watch what they have to say about modern love below:

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