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These women-focused organizations could use your support


It’s not difficult to prove that women still face different forms of oppression in 20-freaking-19. Totally sickening. Women are treated like objects for men’s self-esteem, are catcalled and generally harassed in almost all kinds of situations, and are repeatedly fearing inappropriate judgment. These are just a few of what a woman has to deal with in 24 hours, and things can get really traumatic when piled up and up.

But hey, let me be optimistic for a while. These woes might eventually be defeated if our collective help will also do. Women organizations still stand stronger than we think in this time of abuse. Here’s a roundup of some groups built by women to help more women.

The Paper Project

“In every card a story of hope,” The Paper Project says on its Instagram profile. This organization chooses the socially oriented path, despite being a business: It offers livelihood for women survivors of sex trafficking. Women craft handmade cards for foreign markets, so buying one means helping the group uplift its workers. Bonus points: These handmade cards are made of handmade abaca paper. Care trainings are also given so victims can gradually jump back to feeling high on self-esteem and healing.

Reach out: [email protected]

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Days for Girls

A local chapter, Days for Girls Philippines works toward helping women get access to proper women’s health education. Their name is rooted from the days possibly missed in school or work because of staying in the bedroom instead—a common scenario for biological system emergencies that get tougher when there is lack of feminine hygiene. Aside from distributing hygiene kits, training and education on sewing washable feminine hygiene kits are also given.

Reach out: [email protected]

New Beginnings

The name isn’t only for fluff—it spells their exact, crisp goal. Launched in 1986, New Beginnings is part of the CRIBS (Create Responsive Infants by Sharing) Foundation, Inc. New Beginnings has been serving as a residential home for female survivors of abuse, aged seven to 17. Their program aims to address the healing and recovery of girls who already went through traumatic experiences at such a young age. What steps do they take? Formal education, adjunctive therapy, counseling (individual, group, family), and services for health and after care. They offer legal assistance, too.

Reach out: [email protected]

UN Women Philippines

Photo from the UN Women – Asia and the Pacific website

UN Women Philippines, under UN Women Asia, is all about standing up for women’s rights, as well as promoting governance, peace, and security. It also helps in developing safer cities and also protecting migrant workers’ rights. Recently, they have supported the implementation of the Bangsamoro peace agreement and have built a Safe Cities Global Programme.

Reach out: Philippine Project Office, 14 Floor Tower 1, Rockwell Sheridan Business Center Sheridan cor. United Sts., Mandaluyong City

Pinay Doulas Collective

The before, during, and after episodes of giving birth can be quite nerve-racking if one doesn’t feel guided enough. Good thing is Pinay Doulas Collective’s mission solves this exactly. They are (the founders are eight mothers!) on a mission to offer maternity support services through latest, evidence-based information and procedures that can help both personally and for the family. They hold workshops, too.

Reach out: [email protected]


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The activism of grassroots-based Gabriela has certainly saved many from living a difficult life. The group has been one of the regular spearheaders of many revolutions—as a partylist organization in the House of Representative, it has fought for many campaigns against women and children abuse. It isn’t difficult to reach out to this organization, as it has already spread its arms 200 times—schools, workplaces, programs-based communities, both in cities and provinces. In bigger scale, they also take action for OFWs, and for the marginalized in general.

Reach out: Gabriela Women’s Party on Facebook

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