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Intimidated by modern art? Going to ESKWELA might help

Intimidated by modern art? Going to ESKWELA might help

Are you easily intimidated by contemporary art? And yet you’re left wanting to learn more. Or maybe you just want to update your knowledge about art. Whatever the case is, this seminar/workshop series will help you understand the state of contemporary art without going back to school.

Initiated by Bellas Artes Projects, ESKWELA is an “experimental school period for transdisciplinary thought and context-responsive art making.” Translation: it’s a seminar series for anyone willing to learn more about art within a specific context. It’s open for everybody—students, filmmakers, art historians, dancers, and anyone who wants to dig further into arts and culture.

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Get ready to learn about interesting subjects ranging from dance to literature. ESKWELA aims to teach the following topics: Queer Filipiniana, Asia Pacific: Visual Histories of War and Postwar, Movement & Choreographic Turn in Performance, Indigeneities and Contemporary Art, and Context Responsive Art Practice. Brings back college humanities flashbacks, doesn’t it?


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Bellas Artes Projects is pleased to announce a new educational initiative, ESKWELA, launching in May 2019. The program is an experimental school period for transdisciplinary thought and context-responsive art making. Film theorists, anthropologists, curators, historians, and dancers from the Philippines and abroad will lead intensive seminars and workshops within five topics structuring the ESKWELA program: Queer Filipiniana; Asia Pacific: Visual Histories of War and Postwar; Movement and the Choreographic Turn in Performance; Indigeneities and Art; and Context Responsive Art Practice. These seminars will take place at Bellas Artes Outpost in Makati in two separate sessions in 2019: First cycle: May-June and second cycle: September-October. Applications for enrollment to ESKWELA are open to participants from across fields in the arts and the humanities; regardless of age, whether a student, an artist, art historian, dancer, museum worker, thinker or passionate in linking cultural production with phenomena in society. For more information: – #eskwela #eskwelabap #education #educationintervention #intervention #queer #filipiniana #queerfilipiniana #asia #asiapacific #visual #history #war #postwar #Indigeneities #art #artph #contextresponsiveart #bellasartesprojects #transdisciplinary #choreographic #performance

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Prepare to take notes like crazy from artists, scholars, and seasoned creatives across the globe. The seminar participants will learn from the likes of film historian Nick DeOcampo, artists Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan, dancer/performance artist Joshua Serafin, and many other creative minds.

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The seminars will be held Bellas Artes Outpost in Makati City, and it will have two separate cycles this year. Cycle one will run from May to June, while cycle two is from September to November. Each seminar costs P800. But if you want a certificate for keeps, you’ll have to apply in at least three subjects.

Who knows? Maybe this can revive that old screenplay draft or the old canvas we’ve been hiding in our attics. Here’s to living our Velvet Buzzsaw or Art School Confidential fantasies! Minus the murder and pretentiousness, of course.

Interested applicants may apply here.

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