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Swap your bag’s contents for these 5 eco-friendly alternatives

Swap your bag’s contents for these 5 eco-friendly alternatives

Every morning, the process I give the least thought about is throwing all my stuff in my bag. After all, dealing with these items are as mundane as it can get. But it wasn’t until I watched Netflix’s “Our Planet” that, after crying a bucket of tears, I began to look at everything in a whole new light.

I became hyperaware of the plastic pens and useless ATM receipts in the bottom of my bag. My lip balm, mascara and hand sanitizer were all packaged in plastic. Flashbacks of my morning breakfasts packaged in to-go containers played in my mind. It seems small now, sure, but the contents of my bag have been the same for almost two decades ever since I got my first red PVC jelly tote at age seven. Cumulatively, it’s a travesty.

All of these single-use plastics can be avoided by using more sustainable alternatives. In the quest for responsible living (and also to help the poor baby polar bears), here’s a roundup of eco-friendly substitutes that can hopefully become our permanent replacements in the near future.

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Seed pencils


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✏️? There are seeds in these HB pencils’ biodegradable capsules! Just use up til the very end, plant the pencil capsule-end-down onto potting mix, enough sunlight and water and your harvestable plant will soon grow. ? we have very easy to grow chilli, basil, sunflower, tomato, and mint. As we don’t find the need to individually provide pencil sleeves for these pencils (which end up getting thrown away as soon as you get home!) we have instead provided downloadable and printable pencil sleeves readily available at our website. Retails at ₱30 each, wholesale at ₱25 minimum of 100 pcs. Shop online at (clickable link in bio) Also available at: Jess & Pat’s, Artikulo Coffee, & Narrative Coffee Co (Sets of 3-prices may differ) ?Tip: to sprout, it is best to keep the seeds in a moist and dark area. Plant the entire capsule end into the soil, and keep it damp (but not drowned!) or better yet plant indoors until the first “leaves” grow. Must be planted within one year of purchasing. #plantablepencilsph #seedpencilsph #plantablepencil #seedpencil #giftideasph #christmasgiftsph #giveawaysph

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You can look at this pencil two ways. One, it’s a lot easier to erase mistakes as opposed to using a pen. Two, it’s just a damn good bargain. Essentially, you can get a writing tool and a plant that can keep on giving. And speaking of writing tools, Paraluman also carries pencil highlighters (no more useless plastic shells after use) and wooden pencil extenders (to lengthen the life of small pencils).

Bamboo charcoal dental floss

Nobody finds flossing fun. It’s like getting vaccination shots—a pain in the ass but absolutely vital. Unfortunately, most commercial flosses are made with quite an avoidable amount of plastic from the packaging alone. Now, we can be hygienically and environmentally responsible with these plastic-free versions from The Bamboo Company. Your gums and the Earth will thank you for it.

Phone cases


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I shudder at the thought of the hundreds of plastic phone cases I’ve probably bought and thrown away at this point. As if the Philippines doesn’t already have an alarming plastic waste problem. These options from Funk Trunk are made of responsibly sourced wood and dedicates a part of its earnings to the reforestation of Philippine rainforests. All that and also the Walnut and Bamboo wood look hella sleek.

Lip balms


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Avail our new VEGAN Lip Balms Available in three variants : Grapefruit, Vanilla and Mint ?

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Sustainably packaged lip balms are a nightmare to look for. Thank god for Akkula, which creates clear and tinted lip balms that are not only packaged in compostable paper but are also made entirely vegan-friendly. Another big bonus: They also carry sunscreen in the same packaging. Some heroes don’t wear capes.

Lunch box set


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We love good wordplay, and this lunch box set from The Bamboo Company is a winner in our books. The Bambaunan is made out of—you guessed it—bamboo, and is your new best friend against single-use takeout containers. Maybe this will also inspire you to think about adding more plant-based food into your regular diet. But it’s also just really satisfying to see matching sets together.


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