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Atarashii Gakko’s new MV is the philosophical shitpost we needed

Atarashii Gakko’s new MV is the philosophical shitpost we needed

In case you missed it, 88rising has new blood, and it’s none other than Japanese girl group Atarashii Gakko. Now, they—and you—have another thing coming: the music video for “NAINAINAI,” which hit more buttons than anyone had expected.

Released today, “NAINAINAI’s” music video serves up scenarios that have played in our head at one point in high school—dance breaks, questionable hot boys, and the need to rant, simply put. But aside from the chaotic visuals of Japanese schoolgirls bopping to an arguably catchy tune (Sing it with me now: “Inai nai nai nai naiba a nai!”), the lyrics hit lost twentysomethings where it hurts the hardest. 

It isn’t that surprising when “NAINAINAI” is pretty packed, visually and lyrically. Atarashii Gakko seems to ping-pong between downright philosophical (“What are you searching for?”, “Afraid of tomorrow”) to relatable shitposting (“Satisfied if my TikTok gets some buzz,” “Realizing it’s already the anime’s final episode”).

Comprised of members Mizyu, Rin, Suzuka and Kanon, Atarashii Gakko may as well be the internet’s new fave. With the group’s  88rising stint, we’re all ears and eyes (chaotic dancing and all).

Watch the music video for “NAINAINAI” below.

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Still from “NAINAINAI” music video


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