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NIKECRAFT’s exploding poncho is the future

NIKECRAFT’s exploding poncho is the future

Philippines might be orbiting near the sun this April. But when the heat wave blows over, NIKECRAFT’s latest innovation will be the first thing we’ll need.

In a land full of ponchos, we honor only an exploding one in this house. The Nike x Tom Sachs poncho takes current wear tech to 2090. Throw away your bulky umbrella and raincoats, this exploding poncho will be the only one you’ll need (if budget allows).

NIKE’s latest Instagram video features the eye-catching waist accessory, oozing with simplicity and easy-to-match-with structure, transforming into a poncho in a snap. Its portability makes it convenient for the rainy season or your next hiking trio. What a steal. What damn useful shapeshifting steal.

This exploding poncho’s swift and fire look mask the struggles of its creators. As stated on Nike News, the poncho is “a reminder that good solutions take time to solidify.” The creation of this poncho took four years, dozens of prototypes, and incessant tests before the product video played in front of us like everything was just a breeze.

NIKECRAFT’s collection also includes some Michelin man-esque shorts. Peep the look of the Nike x Tom Sachs Poncho below.

The apparel elements of the NIKECRAFT Transitions collection launch Apr. 27 in Tokyo Opera Gallery, Japan. A global release will follow soon.

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