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Your back-to-school wardrobe should include these essentials


Welcome the new school year in style


The best days in a student’s life are no-school days. The second best? School days when you don’t need to wear a uniform.

We get it. School uniforms indicate belonging and identity, but it’s not the coolest outfit, especially during this period in life. The time you spend in school is also the time when you build your sense of self and personal expression. And sometimes, style helps an individual express that effectively.

If you’ve chosen a school that allows you to wear whatever you want, good for you. You can wear anything to maximize your closet—as long as you don’t violate the dress code. These wardrobe essentials are all you need.

Oversized hoodie

The easiest addition to any school wardrobe is the trusty jacket. It’s a versatile garment that would go with just about everything–from skirt to pants, and even your PE uniform. It’s great to have a perfectly fitted bomber jacket, but nothing beats the comfort of an oversized hoodie.

When to wear it? Your classroom, especially when it’s air-conditioned, can easily become a winter wonderland. It comes in handy to have a jacket to keep you warm. Make it oversized, so you can curl up on your seat and fit your whole body inside the jacket. Plus, it’s nice to have one in case you doze off during your free time.


Backpacks are bulky. Everyone knows that. When you bring a backpack to school, it’s almost imperative to fill it with unnecessary items that go beyond the essentials. That’s the curse of the backpack but that is also the blessing of the bag. It allows you to bring more than you need—and a good student is always ready. All you need is to find a backpack that looks pretty.

When to use? Bring it every day. Its main purpose is to eliminate the hassle of using your hands to carry items. You’ll particularly need this once the monsoon season begins.

Statement tee

On days when you have the liberty to trade your school shirt for your choice of top, go for a statement tee. It’s not only comfortable and simple, it also lets you speak your mind. That means it lets you say the things you can’t say out loud.

When to wear it? You can go straightforward or subtle with how you feel through statement tees. Wear one depending on your mood. Trust us, it can be an effective tool to communicate without opening your mouth.

The classics

The reason why classics are called classics is that they never go out of style. Never ever. These items like a good pair of washed denim and canvas sneakers are also not difficult to style. And because they are classics, they have gained a reputation to spice up your OOTD without any unnecessary effort.

When to wear it? There’s really no such thing as a perfect time to wear these clothes as they are, well, classics. Canvas sneakers, for example, can literally go well with just about anything. Meanwhile, the jacket can be worn in numerous ways to spice up your outfit.

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