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10 clothing brands we’re digging right now

10 clothing brands we’re digging right now

Contrary to popular belief, ‘cool’ isn’t just limited to foreign brands. You don’t have to don the hypebeast brands to be deemed stylish, but colonial mentality has caused many Filipinos to believe otherwise. It’s hard being in the fashion business now, especially since the market in this country has become so competitive and westernized.

That said, it’s high time we start supporting the local brands that fellow Filipinos work so hard to put up. What better time to do so than now, when so many are standing up for their rights, screaming never again to our oppressors? In this day and age, let us do the same by supporting products made by our own people, and help them grow. You can start by checking out some of these brands:


Originally made to stand up against student oppression, Movemen+ is a brand made by the youth, for the youth. They believe that progress can be attained only through optimism, hence the positive sign. Using t-shirts as an avenue to tell the world what they believe in, Movemen+ is the streetwear chic piece you never knew you needed (at least, not until now.)

Shop Copper


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Shop Copper is perfect for the girl boss in you. This online store gives you tons of tumblr-esque tops to choose from, and lets you embody the whole ‘I’m a fun-lovin’ gal’ vibe. As written in the shop’s bio, “COPPER is the modern girl personified – bold, fun-loving, unafraid, sweet, in-command.” If you’re into trendy brands, why not try Shop Copper? Most items cost less than a thousand bucks a pop and you get to support a local business, a two-in-one deal.


Tie-dye’s back, baby! Revel in the grungy ‘90s vibes Tiediet’s clothes give off, as seen in their latest collection. Just as its name suggests, the shop sells tie-dyed shirts, pants, and hoodies, handcrafted for an effortlessly cool (and not to mention comfy) look. It’s tie-dye like you’ve never seen before.


As the owners themselves have said, Banquetta is “curated clothing inspired by cinema, infused with two shots of homo-street humor.” Show off your unique style in these one-of-a-kind, Vogue-esque pieces as you go against gender norms and overthrow the patriarchy. With each thrifted piece, transform yourself to look like the edgy protagonist of a new wave film you’ve always wanted to be, just like in one of their most recent releases, ‘Lost in Translacion.’



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Laguna Familia

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Created to defy division in society, Omphalos is a brand that advocates for equality. As its creator Pao Hemedez so eloquently puts it, “See no rich nor poor, no holy nor slaves.” This brand doesn’t just stop at clothing; they produce content with social initiatives such as their handshake graphic tee, which was made to help support the Lumad community. There’s also their debut collection, which questions the authority in our nation. If you want fashion that sticks it to the man, check out Omphalos.

Tropical Futures Institute

With projects all over Southeast Asia, Tropical Futures Institute offers streetwear with themes that are still distinctly Filipino. Take, for example, their Philippine love songs hoodie, a lovely homage to the vintage harana. The multi-talented team behind the brand, who also conducts workshops, exhibitions, and screenings on top of selling clothes, really do know exactly what the customer wants, and boy, do they deliver.

Set Sail


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Set Sail combines photography, vector art, and the overall style of modern streetwear to make items that are as artsy as they are rock n’ roll. Include Set Sail in your radar if looking like the human embodiment of classic ‘90s grunge is your thing.

Candid Clothing Co.

As its tagline says, Candid Clothing Co. is fashion that’s “ethical made easy.” Following the sustainable fashion philosophy, this brand uses factory surplus fabric to make clothes that are as charming as they are eco-friendly. A comfy dress that’s cheap, good for the environment and has pockets? Sign me up!



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With items using original artwork, this shop proudly brandishes equality with their merchandise. They’re not afraid to show LGBTQ+ love or stretch marks or body fat, or whatever else is seen as taboo in today’s culture. They take what others see as flaws and turn them into usable art⁠ that you can buy at a fairly affordable price. The non-plastic packaging is a big plus, too.

Dolly Kaye Shop


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With each piece lovingly handmade by shop owner Dolly Kaye, no two dresses are alike. With products ranging from dresses to bags and even accessories, this online shop is perfect if you’re looking to channel the inner Lolita in you. Whether you’re into something more gothic or cutesy, Dolly Kaye might just have it in her store.

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