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All the reaction memes you’ll need for SONA 2019

All the reaction memes you’ll need for SONA 2019

This year’s  State of the Nation hasn’t officially started yet, but we kinda know what to expect from the President Duterte during his speech. You know, he’s probably going to veer away from the “45-minute” script and spew unnecessary thoughts—half of it we wouldn’t even understand.

In anticipation of what’s about to go down, here’s our reaction meme starter pack.

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Not You

For when Duterte steps onto the podium. Kidding. (Unless…)

Pretends To Be Shocked

For sure, Duterte will defend the war on drugs and his friendship with China. As if we don’t know it yet.

And I oop

This is basically the heart of this pack.

You do note da liar is mah peyk

When he mentions his resignation. But sis, you’ve mentioned it too many times in the last three years.

One Eternity Later

For when Duterte talks TOO LONG about irrelevant details (i.e. curses, or something like last year’s “Your concern is human rights, mine is human lives,” I guess?), leaving us wondering when he’ll ever mention the real issues in the country. Yeah, he probably won’t.

You’re My Special Friend

You and I know he wouldn’t shut up about China. Friendship goals, sis.

Do You Think God Stays in Heaven

For when the President boasts about killing people. Again.

Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man

For when Duterte calls himself out…unknowingly. Like when he rants about how messed up this country is. Come on, we know we all laughed a little inside when he signed the Bawal Bastos law.

Amused Megan Parker

When he attacks our good folk, like our hardworking fishermen or the senatorial candidates he ridiculed. You know, the typical pathetic bullshit.

Do Y’all Hear Sumn

When he makes another threat other than his resignation.

Happy viewing, folks!



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