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This radical zine features works by Dead Balagtas, Ginoe, Lakan Umali, and more

This radical zine features works by Dead Balagtas, Ginoe, Lakan Umali, and more

Dropping by Komura; Black and White Zine Fair this Saturday? We already have a reco for your list. Built by Andrei Venal and edited by Miko Mendizabal, “Iisang Halimaw” is a collaborative zine featuring works of our favorite creatives Dead Balagtas, Dicta License, Ginoe, Lakan Umali, Juan Miguel Severo, Mervin Malonzo, and more.

If we can take a quick peek into “Iisang Halimaw,” what would we see? Ginoe clues us in his work as “satirical illustrations of a famous family of dictators.” He shared that while he was making the drawings, historical revisionism dominated the interwebs. What made him say “yes” to co-creating this zine is how a “single drawing can be a push to the right direction,” especially in our current political climate.

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This Saturday marks the 47th anniversary of Martial Law. Many victims still haven’t been given justice and many questions are left answered, but the quest continues. Everyone—including creatives—can play a part in leading progressive movements. “Images are powerful. As a visual artist, I am aware of how an image can make someone think. In any kind of human struggle, artists have been a part of the collective call to action,” Ginoe says.

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Happening on Sept. 21 at Warehouse Eight at 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Komura; Black and White Zine Fair aims to “strip down the zine into its most basic radical format.” With this, expect to leave the place with loosely-folded, slightly-thin, black and white zines on your hand.


Art by Catherine Ysabel Dizon


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