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Here’s why it’s time to ditch your wallet for good

Here’s why it’s time to ditch your wallet for good

Asia is the continent to beat for driving up the market for cashless payments. Asian countries, including the Philippines, have begun adopting cashless payments as part of their daily lives. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably considering the shift to cashless transactions too, because let’s be real: you’ve held up a line one too many times trying to scramble up money from your bulky wallet.

Ditching your wallet for cashless transactions is intuitive, especially for kids of the ‘net. Almost everything—research, ordering food, shopping and communicating—is already done through mobile. As cashless payments become increasingly popular for its security and convenience, apps like PayMaya give you the easiest way to enjoy its benefits, without the pains of having to fill out the countless forms or to endure the long lines that come with applying for a credit or debit card. It’s an innovative approach to handling your finances on your own time, plus, it’s fast, easy and accurate.

If you’re not converted to the cashless lifestyle yet, here are our favorite things PayMaya can offer:

Quick and convenient transactions

Long queues are mind-numbingly bad for everyone, especially for young adults who have to meet deadlines, go out with friends, get to a spin class, or have some much-needed R and R. PayMaya’s Bills Payment feature is your ticket out of these long lines. No more wasting time going to payment counters because you “accidentally” forgot to pay your internet bill. Just log in and done! Connection restored. Cash transfers are also another weight lifted off your shoulders as the app makes it easier for you to pay your friend that long-overdue half of your meal bill. 

Be in the know with your money

Have you ever found yourself wondering where exactly your money is going and why it’s seemingly running out on its own? The good thing about digital transactions is that you have a record of where your money goes. All your transactions are accounted for and everything has a paper trail. This can also help you establish good spending habits—where you are aware of how much you spend and how much more you can save. 

Get rewarded every time you shop 

With cash, all you ever seem to do is spend, spend, spend. And you don’t get any rewards, aside from the item you actually bought. Exploring mobile payment apps opens up a world of deals, discounts, rewards and cash backs that can come in handy whenever you want to purchase multiple holiday gifts, plan a rewarding holiday after a year of hustling, or simply treat yourself with small luxuries every few months.  

Being able to dump our bulky wallets 

Perhaps the best argument for cashless transactions is the weightlessness of it all. Imagine: all you have to do is carry your phone with you, and because PayMaya’s merchant list is ever-growing, the need to fish out coins and wadded-up bills from your wallet (that doesn’t quite fit in your bag) is eliminated. 

You also have the option to buy a PayMaya card for yourself which can be used at all Visa-accepting stores worldwide. With this, you have no need to desperately look for a money changer last minute when you run out of cash on your trip abroad—just whip out your card at the store or withdraw from an ATM! So say goodbye to trying to fit your bills into your new pint-sized wallet and adios to the sound of your coins constantly jangling in your pocket. Everything you will ever need is already on your phone. 

All of these awesome perks mean that now is really the best time to have your own PayMaya account. Cashless mobile transactions are made for young adults whose time and effort are valuable and irreplaceable. Take charge of your money and hold all your finances in the palm of your hand (literally!). So for your future transactions, don’t pay cash. PayMaya! 


Art by Jenny Masangkay

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