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8 last-minute gifts for scattered brain gift givers


Holiday szn? Busy folks don’t know her. 

Nah, we ain’t just talking ’bout young hustlers out there. We’re talking about students overwhelmed with academic requirements, twentysomethings with big “get ur head in da game” energy and of course, scattered brain sweeties who don’t even know December’s arrived. 

Well, guess what? December has arrived—the pressure is on. 

So to chronic last-minute shoppers, we have a special gift guide for y’all. No more random cute hand towels or some weird AF tchotchke they’ll never use. Here are some gift suggestions that scream “Yeah, I got my life together now” and “No, I didn’t buy it on a whim—you wildin’.” 

Fair warning: They might expect you to be a more responsible gift giver from now on after this. We apologize in advance. Just think about their gratitude once they receive it and you’ll be okay (here’s to hoping). 

Bring in the munchies

Stress eating is at an all-time high this year. And let’s be real, this won’t change in 2021. So why not go and buy munchies for the crew? Think junk food, chocolate—all ’em cravings. Give some thought to it though.

Don’t just run off to the nearest convenience store—step up the munchies game by buying them primo items. Our reco is somewhere along the lines of an Auro Chocolate Gift Set. Not only will the recipient appreciate it, but the local cocoa farmers who made ‘em will too. 

Protect the crew’s T-zone  

Breakouts are insane lately. We’re always stressin’ about our skin care and T-zones, especially with our whack schedule this year. Sure, we’re all about bringing down toxic beauty standards but a little TLC never hurt anybody.

That’s why we reco getting that vent buddy of yours a face mask pack, hydrators and everything in between. Why not cop ’em some Clinique Dramatically Different Jelly or Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Mushroom Soothing Face Mask? Real friends look after one another’s T zones, after all.

Cute yet budget-friendly gadgets are the way 

There’s nothing better than the gift of a new series ready for streaming or fresh drops from musicians we stan. Sometimes, we’d even settle for our phone’s average performing speaker. That’s why Bluetooth accessories and wireless speakers are everyone’s best homie these days.

Come through this X-mas by giving them the gift of gadgets. Believe it or not, there are budget-friendly audio tech out there. Cop ’em some adorable boombox-looking Bluetooth speakers or a wooden phone amplifier to step up their streaming experience. Or you know, just get ’em a pair of slick wireless earphones.

Stay hydrated, bih 

Hydration nation might be a meme. Still, it’s one with an important message. It keeps our health in check and literally is a requirement for us to push through the hustle. So OFC, get your homie some hydration this szn.

Either go big with a Gulp water jug or a Hydrofresh stainless tumbler from the Surplus Shop. It’s budget-friendly yet sends a cute message that you care about the person you’re giving it to. Plus, it’s a passive aggressive gift to that one friend who’s way, way too dehydrated all the time.

Release the IRL games 

We’re all hooked on our Steam and mobile MMORPGs. Who can blame us? It’s a good way to kill time, plus it’s hella convenient. But it is killing our eyesight—NGL. 

2021 will be the season for resolutions and new hobbies. So for our reco, why not be an enabler and get your friends into board games? Go classic with a Jenga set or go ham with an intense version of Monopoly. Fair warning: Friendships might be in jeopardy during IRL gameplay.

Induct ’em to the comfy gang 

What are holidays if it ain’t for some R and R? Dealing with this year is mad hard. We all know it—and your loved ones are no exception. 

So get ’em pillows, but don’t make it basic. Get something from Bloom’s Fun Pillows collection or go the extra mile by getting some backrest pillow with arm support. Dunno ’bout y’all, but the gift spine alignment is it for us. 

Amp their local cottagecore game

Western cottagecore is mad cute. However, have any of us thought what cottagecore in the Filipino context might look like? Think abaca sling bags, hand soaps made out of ylang-ylang, or even something as basic as an acacia wooden mug.

Pro tip: It doesn’t look basic if it’s peak aesthetic. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know what cottagecore is. What really matters is how cute these accessories will look when they enter 2021.

Let them be independent with some sweet, sweet GCs

No one can ever go wrong with gift cards. Too tired and lazy to think of a gift? Why not let your loved ones choose their own journey? They’re grown and they’ll be fine. 

An SM Gift Card is the perfect gift to give. Whether they like quirky budget-friendly tchotchkes from the Surplus Shop or they want to splurge on skincare products of their choosing, they can cop whatever they want with a versatile GC. And tbh—independent thinking ain’t a present this season.

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