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Beware, clown-phobics: Pennywise is this year’s top Googled Halloween costume

Beware, clown-phobics: Pennywise is this year’s top Googled Halloween costume

It looks like we’ll be seeing a whole bunch of drooling, yellow-eyed, child-eating clowns this Halloween.

In case you didn’t know, Google releases an annual Frightgeist, which is a list of all the top searched Halloween costumes on Google. This year’s list is out, and “It” takes the crown for the top searched Halloween costume in 2019. We highly doubt it’s the Losers Club they were searching for, because clowns also made it to sixth place.

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Following Pennywise in the top 10 are witches, Spider-man, dinosaurs, Descendants, Fortnite, Chucky, the 1980s, and unicorns. If you don’t want to be the seventh person with the same costume in parties—of which we’ll be throwing one, BTW—you can cross these off the list.

You might also want to cancel any animal costumes, because they’re surprisingly in this year. Chicken and tyrannosaurus placed fifty-sixth and fifty-ninth, respectively. For comparison, they’re higher than Peppa Pig which placed eighty-sixth, and VSCO girl which placed seventy-fourth. (And speaking of VSCO girl, Hydro Flask also made it to the list at 228.)

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If anything’s for sure, it’s that this Halloween will be a bad one for clown haters. Consider this our friendly warning to stay on guard or just stay indoors.

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