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Do you think you can handle these new horror flicks on Netflix?

Do you think you can handle these new horror flicks on Netflix?

Turn off the lights and curl up in your blankets, kids. We’re in for the most spine-tingling all-nighters yet. New horror titles just landed on Netflix, and we’re here to pick them up with shaking hands and half-open eyes. From psychological thrillers to drama mystery shows, Netflix is here to keep us nothing but awake this Halloween season. 

“In The Shadow of the Moon”
Dir. Jim Mickle

Set in 1988, this genre-bending psychological thriller follows a police officer-slash-detective wannabe tracking a serial killer who appears every nine years. But when the killer’s crimes start to defy scientific explanation, the police officer’s obsession with finding the truth begins to destroy everythingincluding his sanity. 


“In The Tall Grass”
Dir. Vincenzo Natali

This drama mystery movie narrates the story of two siblings who try to rescue a boy in the field, but end up getting trapped due to a seemingly ominous force who works to break them apart.


Dir. Ciarán Foy

This film follows Eli, a young boy who battles a mysterious illness that forbids him to live in the outside world. After doing intense methods to cure him, things get darker when a mysterious entity haunts the boy.


Dir. Zak Hilditch

How far can sacrifices go? This psychological thriller attempts to answer this, as it tells the story of a single mother who tries to repay a stranger who healed her daughter. The only catch? The only way she can return the favor is by killing another stranger.


Dir. Brad Anderson

This mystery-thriller lets us take a deep look at a man’s despair after his wife and daughter suddenly disappear in a hospital.

In case these titles won’t make your heart pound fast enough, you can also stream Netflix’s post-apocalyptic original series  “Daybreak” (streaming Oct. 24) and prank show “Prank Encounters” (streaming Oct. 25). Happy viewing, non-scaredy cats.

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