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Jess Connelly’s “Hooked/Good Lover” proves some relationships don’t last, and that’s okay


In a slurry of hugot tracks dropping left and right, R&B songstress Jess Connelly molds a track on what true modern love really is. Her new music video for “Hooked/Good Lover” is an honest look at the ebbs and flows of relationships nowadays.

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Directed by Judd Figuerres (a.k.a. as the director who made June Marieey’s Scout video), the visuals for Conelly’s latest single is simple yet beautifully shot. Its focus on warm tones mixed in with a dash of cools reels us into this picturesque golden hour. During the video’s warm scenes, we see Jess and her onscreen partner vibing hard. Us against the world with all the fun and games. 

But every time the frame shifts into cooler tones, Connelly’s words brings us down to reality. She reminds us that these warm feelings are temporary. Everything in those picturesque moments is fickle and uncertain. Although, she’s not too mad about it. It’s all good.

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The video captures what “Hooked/Good Lover” wants to convey. Relationships aren’t exactly teleseryes we can predict the plot of. It’s joy, pain, and unpredictability of what’s to come. You fuck with each other now, but is it permanent? Is it for the long ride or just a joy ride?

Maturity with modern love is all about embracing the fact that you’re unsure. It is okay not to know. And if your current partner isn’t the one, pull a Jess and raise that middle finger if necessary. 

Watch the music video below: 

Still from “Hooked/Good Lover”



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