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Gift me the money: Get your friends money-saving presents during the holidays

Gift me the money: Get your friends money-saving presents during the holidays

As college students, sticking to a budget can be challenging. There are things that can make a dent on your savings: academic costs, unforeseen expenses, and the inevitable “I-deserve-this-after-a-toxic-week” purchases. 

With the holidays coming up, help your friends press the brake on their spending. Give the perfect money-saving gift to tell them “Wake up, sis. It’s time to save money.”


Save your friends from unnecessary expenses and save their holidays.


1. Sleeping eye mask 

Credit: SM Stationery unicorn plush eye mask, SM Woman button-up shirt and blazer

Give your friend an eye mask to keep them from browsing the sale rack or seeing a buy-one-take-one promo. Plus, this will definitely help improve their Zs.


2. Fuzzy sandals 

Credit: Parisian Plus Ladies’ Valene Faux Fur Heeled Sandals in Blush

They’re a cute, subtle reminder to motivate them to get back on their feetand a little something to break their fall after seeing their ATM balance. 


3. A box of tissues 

Credit: SM Accessories box organizer

Props for when they ask their parents for additional allowance. Just the perfect amount of ply-thickness for crocodile tears. 


4. SM Gift Card 

Credit: SM Gift Card

Give your friend a gift card to spend on something they need for the coming year. (Note that the operative word is “need.”) They’ll be motivated to spend within budget because of the set amount per card and completely cashless transaction.

#ItsChristmasAtSM so help a friend out one item at a time. Head towards The SM Store near you to purchase these gifts with an SM Gift Card or get one with a denomination of 500, 1,000, and 2,000 pesos. It also comes in a limited edition holiday sleeve for only ten pesos. For orders, you may call (02) 8811-0000 or visit for more information.



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