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Mariah Carey’s official account sent out tweets to Eminem during New Year’s

As the world welcomed a new decade, a single tweet from Mariah Carey’s Twitter inevitably dragged everyone back to the early 00’s by bringing up an iconic romance-turned-diss track beef with 5 very choice words: “Eminem has a little p*nis.” Happy New Year, everybody.

For the unfamiliar, before “Teardrops on My Guitar” called Drew out for not noticing Taylor’s sad laughter, three years prior Mariah Carey released “Obsessed” which dissed and indirectly featured Eminem in the video with Carey dressed up as the rapper. Eminem, in turn, released “The Warning” which retaliated against the pop star. After almost two decades, they have avoided each other like the anti-vaxxer Polio plague.

That is, until a hacker took over the pop icon’s Twitter and started tweeting the rapper, along with other slurs and explicit language. Followed by, randomly enough, an out of place promo tweet for the hacker’s Discord server. Why they chose Mariah’s account to hack for this purpose, we’ll probably never know. Maybe they’re just obsessed with her. Basing off of “Obsessed” they probably wouldn’t be the first. While we’re all about new years and new beginnings, since we’re here let’s look back and appreciate the bop that was inspired from this extremely public ex-lover’s quarrel.


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