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Get ready Paramore fans, Hayley Williams’ solo career is here


Late 2019 is a good year for repressed emo kids: Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer did a world tour together, My Chemical Romance came back after their six-year hiatus, and now Paramore’s frontwoman Hayley Williams is giving us some solo material.

Before December ended, Williams celebrated her birthday with news that she would be dropping solo material this January. She posted three mysterious black squares on her Instagram as a teaser last night. Now, fans in Nashville and New York spotted posters of the singer with the words “Petals for Armor” on it. 


Fans headed to the site indicated on the poster. If you go to, it leads you to this footage of a full moon, the dark forest, and a date—Jan. 22, 2020. No other information apart from the eerie 30-second video in her site.

Is it a date for the album drop? Or is it a single drop? Until then, we can only be patient and wait for what she has in store for us. 

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