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Lola Amour’s latest MV gets real with the thought of people leaving


The thought of people leaving us is painful enough, but cutting ties or simply ghosting us is a whole other level of pain. For others, leaving means love or even time is running out.

Alt rock band Lola Amour just dropped its latest MV “Please Don’t Leave” in animation form, and it had us pondering the futility of endings (and maybe had us reminiscing about past relationships).

It’s a day in the life of our unnamed main character, and we follow him around as he buys food, flowers and a ring. His sunken eyes and ever-present frown hint that he’s going through something, which initially seems like he’s moving on from a breakup.

“When [we] say ‘please don’t leave me,’ we often assume that the other person has a choice not to. I don’t want to spoil anything for the fans who haven’t watched the video so let’s just say that we played around with that idea,” lead vocalist Pio Dumayas told Scout.

We’ve taken it as a testament to how much we’ve grown as musicians, communicators, and even as people over the last few years.

Lola Amour revisited its debut EP “Don’t Look Back” more than three years after its release, featuring new arrangements of “No Tomorrow,” “Maybe Maybe” and “Fools.” It includes “Please Don’t Leave,” which was originally a 40-second song penned by Pio for his thesis film (side note: Pio was also part of the animation team for this MV).

The band had been working on the “looking back” concept, envisioning a stripped-down version of the original EP that had songs written way back when the members were college freshmen.

“It was hard not to feel like we’ve outgrown the compositions we made six years ago, and it felt like our last chance to revisit the songs before we move on to other projects,” said Pio. 

“So yes, the sound is definitely different but by reshaping the meanings of the songs without amending any lyrics, we’ve taken it as a testament to how much we’ve grown as musicians, communicators, and even as people over the last few years.”

You can say that the recreated EP indicates Lola Amour’s step towards a new direction, both in their music and in engaging with their listeners at a time when music venues are limited. The band is also brewing some collabs and content outside music, so keep your eyes peeled.

Watch the MV here:


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