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There’s a new “Silence of the Lambs” series, but Hannibal’s not in it


Who fell in love with NBC’s “Hannibal?” Its beautiful cinematography paired with intricate storytelling made for a visually exciting series that turned viewers into Fannibals (Hannibal fans, duh). After being canceled five years ago, fans have been rallying to get the show saved. 

The decade ended with “Hannibal” maintaining a cult status. Fortunately, 2020 will start with a new series derived from the classic Thomas Harris’ anthology. It’s official: We’re getting a TV show about Clarice Starling.

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American network CBS ordered a new television series about “The Silence of the Lambs’” leading character. It will be set one year after the events in the iconic film unfolded. We would see the female detective navigate through her personal life while solving murders and sex crimes around the United States. 

“After more than 20 years of silence, we’re privileged to give voice to one of America’s most enduring heroes—Clarice Starling,” show’s producers, Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet, tells Deadline.  “Clarice’s bravery and complexity have always lit the way, even as her personal story remained in the dark. But hers is the very story we need today: her struggle, her resilience, her victory. Her time is now, and always.”

The showrunners’ current plan is to film the pilot and see how viewers will react. Unfortunately for Dr. Lecter fans, the infamous cannibal will not be making an appearance in the show. That’s why fans of the show “Hannibal” were quite disappointed to know that the CBS series will not partner with the defunct NBC one.

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“Martha (De Laurentiis) & I tried many times to work with MGM to include Clarice into our Hannibal story. They ultimately told us they had their own plans for Clarice and they didn’t need Hannibal to tell her story,” NBC “Hannibal’s” creator, Bryan Fuller, responds to the news.

Will this stand-alone “Clarice” series work? Will it flop? We have to wait ’till its series premiere next year. And if you’re just a frustrated “Hannibal” fan like the rest of us, take our advice: Keep using #SaveHannibal on social media.

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