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Here are 7 Oscar-nominated films available for streaming


Oscars 2020 has everything we expected:  Disappointment over nominees, along with a couple of saving graces. Sounds about white. As always, the Academy refuses to acknowledge that female directors exist and other countries have a concept of what cinema is as well. Apart from Korean filmmaker Bong-Joon Ho and Maori filmmaker Taika Waititi, Oscars still lacks representation. 

It’s not all bad though. There are good films nominated worthy of a proper Oscars marathon before the ceremony begins. If you don’t know where to re-watch these films, here are some nominated films that you can lovingly binge and/or hate-watch with friends (or by yourself, we don’t judge).


Nominations: 6 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best International Feature Film
Bong-Joon Ho’s “Parasite” is a social commentary film, thriller, and black comedy all rolled into one. In this film, the director explores two families and the class system dividing them. It’s available on Amazon Prime Video and other streaming platforms.

“Marriage Story”


Nominations: 6 Academy Awards, including Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Actor in a Leading Role

Noah Bombach’s “Marriage Story” is a poignant love story about divorce. With Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson at the helm of this film, they flesh out separation’s grueling process: Grief, anger, and healing. It’s one of the many Netflix’s originals nominated this year. And honestly, they deserve it. Stream it now on Netflix


Nominated for: 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Actor in a Leading Role

This film garners different reactions, depending on who you talk to. It’s also the same reason why it’s alluring to watch. Who doesn’t want to judge for themselves if it is a cinematic masterpiece or a trainwreck based on a DC’s most mainstream villain? In Todd Phillips’ take on the Joker, he sheds a light on Gotham as a society and makes the Joker an anti-hero in the process. 

“Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”

Nominated for: 10 Academy Awards, including Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Cinematography, and Best Picture

Again, it’s another love/hate film depending on who you ask. Quentin Tarantino’s 10th film is his love letter to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Set in 1969, TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stuntman Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) navigates the changing landscape of showbusiness.

It stars Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate and it features multiple, non-linear storylines, crafting a modern fairytale. Or at least, that’s what Tarantino tells us. It’s available for streaming on Youtube and Google Play.

“I Lost My Body”

Nominated for: Best Animated Feature Film

This French animated film follows the point-of-view of a severed hand’s journey to its owner, Naoufel (Dev Patel). It’s a love story between Naoufel and Gabrielle (Alia Shawkat) and how it led to his hand getting severed. It’s available on Netflix. 

“Jojo Rabbit”

Nominated for: 6 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Taika Waititi’s satirical anti-Nazi film follows a young boy named Jojo as he starts to struggle with his political beliefs when he finds a Jewish girl hiding in their attic. His imaginary friend, Hitler, makes everything worse. “Jojo Rabbit” will be available for streaming at Amazon Prime this Feb. 4. 

“Missing Link”

Nominated for: Best Animated Feature Film

This film stars Zach Galifianakis, Zoe Saldana, and Hugh Jackman. It follows a lonely 8 feet tall furry creature who leaves home to discover his family roots. He, then, forms a trio with Sir Lionel and Adelina. It’s a timely story about how your blood relatives aren’t exactly people you would consider as family. It’s available for streaming in Hulu.

Still from “Jojo Rabbit” 



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