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Firegod reflects on our relationship insecurities in “Need U”

Firegod reflects on our relationship insecurities in “Need U”

Don’t go offline yet—not until you’ve checked out Firegod’s latest release. With both the track and its visual counterpart dropped last Jan. 24, the music duo—headed by Fern Tan and Justin Punzalan—looks like they’re ready to brew interesting stuff soon. And for a track about secretly begging for reassurance, “Need U” has assured us of a lot of things. 

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One main theme in this chill bittersweet song is the validity of different emotions, including defeat and the need to ask for help. “Please tell me where to go,” the track plays, revealing an amalgam of snippets that play like a repeating memory. In its little details of karaoke sessions and street signs, the visual counterpart solidifies the feeling of loneliness—the kind you’d feel while trying to figure someone out.

“Need U” gives us an overview of how frustration creeps in at the most mundane of moments. “Tell me, are we on the same page?” sounds like a hard-hitting question in this R&B-pop spin, peppering us with the realization that we, too, have become stubborn when it comes to love. 

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“Need U” is a chill anthem that resonates with our deepest feelings of insecurity—the type we’d continually deny. Last year, Firegod also dropped infectious bops “if i could” and “losing sleep.” You can listen to more of their music on Spotify. 

Watch “Need U’s” music video here:

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