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We can now legally stream “Hamilton” this 2020


Update (05/13/20): Last May 12, Disney+ and “Hamilton” playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda announced that the hit Broadway show is heading to the small screen. Now, we’re getting it sooner than expected. Instead of its big 2021 release in theaters, “Hamilton” will stream on Disney+ on Jul. 3, 2020.

“Watching it brings me right back there with that incredible, once-in-a-lifetime company,” Miranda tells USA Today. “And I just can’t wait for you to see it.”

Original (02/04/2020): Lin Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” changed the game. It captured people’s hearts, angered conservatives, and made Beyonce swoon. But this musical isn’t exactly accessible to everybody right now.

In 2021, though, everyone will get to see “Hamilton” in cinemas. And we can thank Disney for that.

Lin Manuel’s Pulitzer-winning drama will have a theatrical run, followed by a debut on Disney’s streaming site. According to The Verge, Disney bought the worldwide rights to “Hamilton” for $75 million. It’s rumored to be the highest price paid for a finished film.

Before everyone gets too excited, this isn’t a film adaptation of the musical. It’s a filmed version of “Hamilton’s” original Broadway run. So yes, we would get to see the original cast with Lin Manuel-Miranda playing the titular role.

“Hamilton” is a layered tale of war, immigrants, and the revolution. It’s been five years since its premiere, yet its impact on modern musicals is still palpable. It gave us complex characters played by a diverse casts. That and the songs are pretty damn catchy.

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Unfortunately, we might have to pull an Aaron Burr ‘cause we have to wait for it. The musical won’t hit theaters until October 15th, 2021, and likely won’t hit Disney+ until 2022.

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Oh well, let’s just jam it out ’till then. Do you want to blast the original soundtrack or should we get the “Hamilton Mixtape?”

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