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Flash Player is going extinct, so this website is preserving over 36,000 games

Remember the days of Y8, The Impossible Quiz, and Disney games that had you stacking up a sandwich tower? The impending extinction of Flash Player on Dec. 31, 2020 has left us scrambling back to our favorite childhood sites. But don’t fret, BlueMaxima is coming to our rescue—the website is set to preserve over 36,000 flash games.

The project called Flashpoint aims to protect internet history that defined sneaking in computer class, secretly playing Hot Dog Bush Game behind our teachers’ backs. As a significant part of the interwebs’ evolution, Flashpoint has preserved over 36,000 flash games that will be available for download with its open-source platform.

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Check out the project’s trailer below. To get gaming, head over to BlueMaxima’s website to rev up your PC’s engine and start downloading


Screenshot from Disney


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