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Frank Ocean’s New Album Is Out On Friday (Or Not, We Don’t Know Anymore)

Frank Ocean’s New Album Is Out On Friday (Or Not, We Don’t Know Anymore)

Frank. Frank. I’m tired. I can’t keep up with this anymore. After countless, highly-anticipated countdowns to the release of your album, Boys Don’t Cry (and your magazine of the same name) of which I have eagerly participated, each time more anxious than excited, I am almost giving up. We had a glimpse of you as part of a Calvin Klein campaign. I saw snippets of your private listening party earlier this year. Was that even real? I wanted to believe it was real. You had this very moving piece about Prince last April. For the month of July alone you have been a headline once or twice or ten times.

And then you had this weird livestream of coughing and ambient noises then suddenly you were chopping wood or something. Is this a metaphor for something? Is this just a weird loop to keep us from going insane? Because it’s making me insane. I couldn’t even watch it on Chrome with a Lenovo; I had to stream a stream of it from RapGenius. What the fuck, Frank?

And now the New York Times comes up with a date and a deal with Apple Music. Friday, August 5. Maybe you were just mistaken and this is the real deal. But hey, August 5, 2022 is also a Friday. Maybe you’ll release it by then. The New York Times, even with its anonymous source, has its reservations: “Given the number of delays the album has already had, it seems possible that Mr. Ocean could decide to put off the release beyond Friday.”

We know you’re a private man, Frank. And we know we’re not entitled to your music. But we need it. I need it. So Friday then? Please?

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