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Kendrick Lamar has a ‘top-secret’ company for creatives


While we’re out here pining for Kendrick Lamar’s next album (which may or may not be coming out this year), the Pulitzer prize-winning Kung Fu Kenny is cooking up something new under our noses. Is it A) A record label? B) A movie studio? C) A publishing house? We’re picking option D: none of the above. So what exactly is this new project about? There’s one thing verified—it’s for creatives.

Alongside regular collaborator Dave Free, Kendrick’s mysterious new company, pgLang, is described as being “at service to creators and projects that selflessly speak with, and for, the shared experiences that connect us all.” The company’s official statement describes it as a service catered to creatives from a range of fields, be it authors, film and television directors, visual artists, producers and “blah, blah, blah… you have all heard this shit before.”

According to the folks over at pgLang, the company is designed to be an artist-friendly group that embraces quality concepts—no matter how outlandish—above the so-called white noise of a market share-obsessed society.

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Among those in the pgLang club include musicians Florence Welch, Jorja Smith and Kamasi Washington, as well as actress Yara Shahidi. Recently, rapper Nas has been spotted holding a pgLang Times newspaper, leading to speculations of his recruitment.

There are still question marks floating above our heads regarding what pgLang actually does. We’re keeping it on our radar, though—and who knows, maybe we could take part soon enough.

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