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Goodbye ‘lofi hip hop beats,’ hello ‘not lofi metal beats to stress/cram to’

Thesis szn doesn’t really bring out the best in all of us. Of course, our professors want us to be motivated and come up with the best output, even if the defense panel is giving us anxiety. It turns us into crying messes, fueled by caffeine and dread about the morning after. 

So what can fuel us even more? Lo-fi chill beats? No. Thesis is not the time to chill—it is the time to cram for our lives’ (and grades’) sakes. 

Enter Dorkly’s “Not Lofi Metal Beats To Stress/Cram To,” a 10-hour playlist of metal beats to fuel crammers and thesis warriors with rage in order to get shit done. Curated by artist Karina Farek, this playlist is for students who need to study hard. Maybe headbang their brain cells into working at lightspeed too. 

Instead of your ever-so-reliable lofi study girl, cramming girl greets you in the video. She’s vibrating from all the caffeine as she clicks her pen to keep herself grounded. She is unhinged and has not slept for hours, and she is determined to keep her anxiety at bay to get shit done. This is exactly the energy thesis students need to survive finals.

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“We love lofi hip hop beats to relax/study to, but sometimes you just need to get super stressed out and cram hard. That’s why we made this,” Dorkly explains in the comment section. Scientifically speaking, listening to some Anthrax and Metallica will probably help you. A study from the Journal of Community Psychology showed that listening to metal actually improves mental health. 

And when our caffeine high turns into an anxiety attack, don’t we need to keep our mental health in check?

The 10-hour playlist has been up for two years. Since a lot of students around the Philippines are cramming and studying their hearts out, we probably figured it’s time to help y’all get your shit together and beat the academe like you’re bodyslamming in a mosh pit. 

Stream it below and try not to rage quit over your RRL:

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