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Freelancers, here’s how you can get financial aid during the lockdown

Freelancers, here’s how you can get financial aid during the lockdown

Freelancers have been heavily affected by this “enhanced community quarantine.” Independent artists’ biggest nightmare is drought in clients and projects. So, where do they go from here?

On Apr. 2, the NCCA’s (National Commission for Culture and the Arts) Visual Arts arm announced on Facebook a new program aiding self-employed individuals and cultural workers. The Office Order shows NCCA Executive Director Al Ryan Alejandre’s arrangement with the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE): the TUPAD #BKBK (Barangay Ko, Bahay Ko) program.

An initiative for those walking on a tightrope, TUPAD #BKBK aims to give 10 days worth of tax-free minimum wage to the qualified artists and cultural workers. Now how do we join?

To be registered under the TUPAD #BKBK Program, individuals are required to submit:
1) Photos of any government-issued ID; and
2) Photos of house/dwelling and/or vicinity to be disinfected/sanitized BEFORE* and AFTER** cleanup; and
3) Personal information to facilitate remittance of wages.

Participants shall also submit images of government-issued IDs and the dwelling/vicinity to be sanitized/disinfected. Remember to put proper labels (i.e. Scout_ID.jpg; Scout_dwelling.jpg)

Before submitting, indiciate your complete name, age, birthdate, sex, civil status, present address, and mobile phone no., and your role (a freelance artist or a cultural worker). Send these over to [email protected].

Unfortunately, the deadline is today, Apr. 3 at 12 p.m. Cool program, but can we get a deadline extension, please? Especially since we want to help as many workers as we can. I mean, we’re only been given almost 14 hours to prepare.

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