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Pringles Japan’s latest flavor is chicken karaage, a bento (and bar) fave


We love a good snack (we’d even debate on which snack reigns supreme), and Japanese snacks are on a tier of their own. Just ask Pringles; After the ramen noodles edition, they’re dropping a new limited-time flavor this year, and it’s chicken karaage.

Chicken karaage is basically chopped chicken thighs coated in flour and deep-fried in oil for that signature crispy texture. It’s practically a staple in Japan, and now it’s in a can of crisps you can snack on. Peep that adorable packaging too, who doesn’t love cherry blossom pink? 

After ramen noodles, Pringles Japan now has it in chicken karaage - 002

Chicken karaage is also a popular snack in Japan, often found in bento boxes or served at an izakaya (a pub or tavern). And that’s apparently why Pringles made it; because of the pandemic, people have been going out less and miss chilling at their local izakaya. 

The new flavor drops in Japan on Jan. 25 and is available for a limited time. And I, too, miss my pre-pandemic go-to hangout spots and bar snacks. Can someone make some crispy pata-flavored Pringles? 


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