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Good news, Lorde might have some new music in the works

After her dog’s untimely death, Lorde put a halt on the production of her third album. But that’s no longer the case in her recent radio interview. It seems like our favorite Kiwi musician is back at making new material.

New Zealand television program NewsHub confirmed this on their website. They also shared how she talked about how the pandemic affected the country’s live entertainment industry apart from addressing questions regarding new material. With her dropping hints in a recent radio interview, fans are taking it as a sign that she’s working on new music.

In her interview with a New Zealand radio station The Edge, the DJ asked her what she had been up to during this quarantine. When asked if she’s been working on new material these past few months, she says: “Oh, very good question! It’s definitely too soon for me to talk about anything,” says Lorde before adding: “But I will say that it’s been a very productive year.”

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Last November, she disclosed on her Instagram that her third album will be delayed. This is due to her dog Pearl’s untimely death and how it affected her emotionally. “It won’t be the same work — as anyone who has felt loss can understand, there’s a door that opens that you step through, and everything is different on the other side,” her open letter reads “But when this great loss crystallizes inside me, and my chest rebuilds around it, hopefully I’ll be able to finish up, and share it with you, and we’ll all grow together, as we always do.”

Looks like this great loss has finally crystallized somehow. During the interview, she also disclosed her getting into baking, especially making bread. “I have been baking so much bread. You wouldn’t believe it,” says the singer. She also added that she has also been “making way too much food”, while she’s staying in quarantine with a girlfriend.

New songs on the way? Possible new girlfriend? Looks like everything’s coming up Lorde. And as her fans, we can all agree—It’s what she deserves. 

Still from Lorde’s “Perfect Places”


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