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Films you need to watch alone, as told by the Scout team

Films you need to watch alone, as told by the Scout team

How are you hanging in there? Making sense of the world can be one of the toughest jobs we have right now, and it’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed sometimes. Don’t forget to take some extra time to focus on self-care whenever you can.

In times when truth is stranger than fiction, we need art to turn to for comfort more than ever. For those late night feelings, here are the SCOUT team’s film recommendations when you need some quality me time. PS: We’re sharing these films because we care about you, friend.

Little Women (2019)

This will make you feel an entire range of emotions—no added side conversations or knowing nudges needed. You can watch this alone then leave feeling as if you just met an old friend.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

I have this film memorized. That is all.

Recommendations from Rye Antonio, associate editor

What We Do In The Shadows (2014)

If you’re a sucker for mockumentaries, you have to watch “What We Do In The Shadows.” Every single time I watch this film, I ugly laugh—which is why I prefer watching it alone. 

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The Strangers (2008)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’d recommend “The Strangers” if you want to get properly spooked out. This film is a master class on building up tension, morbid curiosity and dread. Experiencing it alone and in silence makes it all the more effective.

Recommendations from Giselle Barrientos,  junior content creator

You Are The Apple of my Eye (2011)

This coming-of-age/romance film will make you so mad you’ll cry. Hate the characters all you want, but you’ll eventually realize that they’re representing you all along. Keywords: reality, regrets, unforgivable pangs.

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Yi Yi (2000)

The best of Taiwanese cinema. Feels like a flashback of your life that you never had. essentials: proper headspace and some quiet time to process.

Recommendations from Jelou Galang,  junior content creator

Knives Out (2019)

A fun family murder mystery where the devil (or the villain) is in the details. Watch this alone just so no one butts in, because rewinding it 2,345 times is a hassle (an anecdote based on a true story).

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School of Rock

In the words of Rian Johnson: “Let me make this clear: I will see [School of Rock] anytime anywhere. If someone knocked on my door right now I would drop this phone and go see [School of Rock].”

Recommendations from Kat Cabral,  junior content creator

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