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We can guess your personality based on your favorite CoCo milk tea flavor


There are two things that everyone’s obsessed with: local music and a good drink. Whether we want it in bars or inside cozy coffee and tea shops, taking a sip while tuning in to our ear food of choice has been our habit. It’s all a myriad of genres and flavors all at once. Everything, of course, depends on who we are.

Are you the ray of sunshine in your cynical circle of friends? Maybe you’re the OG that everyone looks up to. Whatever your flavor is, we bet we can match it with a local musician that shares your personalitea. Choose your favorite tea flavor below and we’ll play musical matchmakers. We might nail who you really are or give you an existential crisis. Who knows? Your drink of choice will taste good either way.


You’re bubbly, giddy, and fun to be around. You’re just like acoustic musician/vlogger Janina Vela, the ultimate mood booster. In a room full of night owls, you’re the morning person, ready to kickstart your day.

You might not be everyone’s cup of tea; maybe you’re just too sweet for some people’s taste. But you know what? Their loss. Never let the negative vibes bring you down.


Like Tim and Sam Marquez from One Click Straight, you’re cool. Like low-key cool. The two might be an unlikely mix, but they sure as hell are cool enough to pull it off. Like Tim and Sam, the two flavors are great apart but better together. If this is your drink of choice, you like taking life easy breezy yet you’re open to exploring new things. People wish they could be you.


You’re the OG that everyone’s interested in. You’re channeling MC/poet Peaceful Gemini with your mind, body, and soul. Simple and open-minded, you’re bursting with zest and energy.

When under fire, you still keep your calm no matter what situation life throws at you. You’re not the one to go with the flow; you make waves wherever you go. You’re an original who is in the
making to becoming an icon, but recognition is never the goal; it’s to make a mark and leave everyone wanting for more.

Found your flavor yet? We bet we nailed who you are through these flavors. Okay, it might’ve been hit or miss, but hey, we got your favorite musicians’ personalities to a tea. Watch them in this video:

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