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It’s official: Lana Del Rey is dropping a spoken word album

When the world was kind of down, we kept dancing to Lana Del Rey. This time around—we get to listen to her spoken word skills. 

The songstress announced last Jan. 4 that she’s releasing a poetry book. Now, she is dropping a poetry audiobook.

On Apr. 11, she made the huge announcement over Instagram. The upcoming poetry collection is called “Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass.” Scheduled to be released last January, Lana planned to drop her poetry book and sell it for $ 1. But this was delayed after her sister/collaborator Chuck Grant got her art stolen

Now, we don’t know if “Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass” is the same as her January poetry book. We are also waiting on its official release date. For now, we get a sneak peek of her poems from her Instagram account. 

Check them out below: 


Still from “Doin’ Time”


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