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Going back to journaling might help our pandemic blues

This pandemic can be traumatic for a lot of us. This disruption to our daily routine has toppled over our circadian rhythms and lives as a whole. Although we get by through different coping mechanisms—some like keeping themselves busy, while others try to focus on their mental health. 

Both are good ways to survive through the pandemic. But one idea you might want to explore is journaling. 

Journaling is the practice of mid-century authors and Moleskine enthusiasts in 2015. Experts say journaling might save your sanity too. “Right now, we are all seeking a way to cope with the drastic changes to our lives and the pain and suffering that is happening around us,” says HelloGiggles. “Journaling helps us make sense of what seems unimaginable.”

Apart from catharsis, journaling has physical benefits too. It can lower blood pressure, improve our immune cells and get our circadian rhythm back on track. Most of us might have shitty sleeping schedules due to the complications of working from home. So, if you’re looking for a solution, grabbing a notebook and writing down your thoughts can help you out. 

If you’re having a hard time starting, here’s what Hello Giggles recommends: “This could be the simplest thought like, ‘I’m tired. (Aren’t we all?) Allow your mind to drift wherever it feels the need to. Once you start, the words will likely begin to flow, and you’ll begin to pinpoint and understand your current emotions.”

The beauty of journaling is it doesn’t have to be pretty or a Pulitzer prize winner. No, you don’t need doodling skills or a way with words. Your journal is yours to mold. The most important thing is that it serves as an outlet for hard times, just like now. 

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